It sounds like you would be a great fit for our sponsored athlete program. Here's how the program works.


1) Get free gear! We'll send you samples of our products. Currently we only sell short-sleeved shirts, so we'll send you an assortment of colors in the shirt.


2) Be the first to get new products! We are always working on new products for the running and outdoors community. As new products become available we will send them to our sponsored athletes before anyone else. 


3) Discounts for your friends and family! We will set up a discount code just for you to share. Anyone who uses your code will receive a 15% discount on any purchases made through Share this code with friends and family, share it on your Facebook and Instagram, spread the word anywhere you want.


4) Get paid! We will track every time your personalized discount code is used. Once a month we will calculate the total dollar value of the products purchased using your code and send you 10% of that month's purchases. The more you share, the more you will get paid. 


If you are still interested in working with us, let me know what size shirts you would like and any color preference. Also let me know what you would like your discount to be (generally we would use a variation of your name or activities you are interested in). 


Thanks for your interest. We are excited to work with you.